Shanghai: Porsche rammed the taxi 3 injured drivers suspected of drinking and driving

22 o'clock last evening, Yan ' an elevated export near Tibet Road West to East direction, a Porsche sedan slammed into a taxi, cause taxi driver was seriously injured, dying, and two passengers suffered minor injuries. Currently, police are investigating whether drunk driving to Porsche drivers.
it is understood that the time of the incident, a red Porsche car along the Yan an viaduct running West to East, at less than 200 metres from Tibet road on-ramp locations, due to the higher speeds, hitting a Haibo taxi, finally hitting the middle belt, hit and stopped.
after the incident, the right front wheel flew out of the Porsche, and window panes. Haibo taxi car was hit severely deformed at the back, on board the car Finland passengers, one Taiwan passengers and 59 year old taxi driver was trapped in his seat couldn't get away. Fire fighters rushed to the scene rescued three wounded, two passengers more bruises, not life-threatening; and 59 master Hai wei Bo taxi driver head hit, intracranial injuries, dying, hospitals still in the rescue.
according to the hospital, witnesses said, when the driver has been incoherent, unconscious, and the suspect who smelled of alcohol. "The police took the driver to take blood, refused to come down and want to vomit, have been a blur, urinating in a police car. "
at present, the driver has been controlled by police and undergo a blood alcohol test. At present, the accident investigation and recovery is still underway.

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