Drunk driving killed family members hold liability for dinner

Nanning agriculture dinner drink drunk driving home, unfortunately died of traffic accidents. Families will be invited together with the table against the Court, requested Decree nearly 370,000 yuan of compensation. On March 9, xixiangtang district of Nanning city trial court open.
/> drunk driving causing traffic accidents, Nanning city, Wei and Cheng, Luo and 3 children are enrolled in a middle school of Guangxi, so know Wei school teacher.
on August 27, 2010, taking into account the school is about to start, and shortly after the school is teacher's day, 3 people agreed to request the teacher Wei for dinner, advance congratulations on teacher's day.
afternoon, when Luo Wei and a teacher by phone, teacher colleagues about Lee Wei, Wu joined for dinner.
open before him, Lee about his students on a join. In this way, Lee student and his girlfriend arrived at the hotel boxes dining. Because it is congratulations on teacher's day, they drink liquor to entertain. 21:30 ending after dinner, we went to a karaoke party.
August 28 at 1 o'clock in the morning, driving a show car in Nanning City Avenue with a heavy semi-trailer towing vehicle rear-end collision, suffered serious injuries at the scene. Doctors rescue invalid, and died August 28, at 4 o'clock in the morning. After testing, a venous blood ethanol concentrations as high as 258.7mg/100ml, which belongs to the drunken driving, traffic police found one should bear the full responsibility for the accident. Claims more than 369,000 yuan
family/> son is organizing a wedding, blink of an eye a family apart of yin and Yang, some parents suffered a heavy blow, and grief. Two elderly people believe that his son's death, related to people who drink and invited him to dinner.
on August 8, 2011, two old men a lawsuit the teacher Lee against the Court, requests the Court to Decree of law Lee compensation compensation for death, mental damage compensation of 369024.6 Yuan.
two claims, son is Lee went to the dinner, knowing that the vehicle back and let his son drinks, toast. When you leave, knowing that they are drinking too much, very poor self-control, Lee has not made any other arrangements, is not prevented, he drunk driving by his son back, leads to drunk driving accident deaths. In the accident, Lee, there is a big mistake, its not duty causal relationship with his son's death shall bear civil liability for fault.
on August 10, two old men to the Court, submit a supplementary civil complaint, requesting the Court to Decree of law bear joint and several liability of the other table with drinking. Court later legally added 3 parents and teacher Wu, as a third defendant Wei.
the defence argued no responsibility > on March 9, the court hearing the case according to law. Due to the special case, the popular attention, sit packed in the region.
Court around the disputed, summed up the following controversial issues: agriculture in a drunk driving accident and death, the defendants have no responsibility? If so, how? Families claim compensation and expenses are reasonable, lawful?
Court, Lee argued that night eating is not their own, just contact and notification. He himself had clearly told, says he has free shuttle service, you will be driving, and told farmers not to drive. He should not bear the primary responsibility. In the table, an initiative to sit at the other toast, he has repeatedly reminded farmers to drink less. Meanwhile, ask you also care about a drink and get home, replied that the girlfriends summer and a driver's license, you could get him back. The KTV singing, during which a lot of school colleagues. Farmers took the initiative of toast to other teachers in schools. Midway, agriculture and girlfriend summer resigned in advance, when farming is not drunk or delirious, after about. Farming was because of drunk driving accidents and deaths, not dinner drinking death in the process. Throughout the activity, inappropriate or malicious behavior one doesn't exist, does not take the responsibility.
Lee's lawyer pointed out that some parents said Lee urged farmers to drink with the facts, there is no evidence to show that a left acts out of control required when person rescue risk. A as a girlfriend in the summer, there is no time to stop drunk driving, should bear the main responsibility.
3 parent's attorney said the parents dinner guest teacher is Wei, Li Wei is the teacher's colleagues, is Lee's students in agriculture.
do not know a certain, banquet, parents just ceremonial toasts, and no one moves, no one advised farmers in a toast to teachers, and as a person with full civil capacity, should be responsible for their actions, accompany violation does not exist.
in addition, within the scope of a home where it happened is not passing through. So, it can be assumed from after the KTV, they and others drink, on the way back to an accident. Therefore, killing a drunk driving and 3 parents and there is no cause and effect relationship, should not bear any responsibility. In addition, one should know the dangers of drink driving, it should bear the primary responsibility. Summer is a girlfriend and with attendants as drunk driving, knowing that a drunk, and asked him to drive. Summer did, the death of a direct causal link, should bear the main responsibility.
teacher Wu argued that Lee students you don't know, is a junior, himself did not drink with him, nor persuaded him to drink. To sing, he had resigned earlier and did not have any responsibility. Wei did not appear at the teacher.