"Jaguar men" drunk driving check the locking 3-hour confrontation in the car

Yesterday, the Pan came to the traffic police to accept the punishment. The morning of March 14, pan of drunken driving met police checking for drink drivers, stall parking, locked himself in the car to play rogue, and police fighting a full 3.5 hours.
the first round of fighting:
pretending to sleep ignores, over more than 20 police surrounded the Jaguar
14th, at 1 o'clock in the morning, Pan and friends ate supper alone imports drove a Jaguar, came to a nearby gas station. Suddenly, he found in front of the traffic police in checking for drink drivers, then pull the car.
traffic police went past knocked on the car window, let the Pan get off, but the pan completely disregarded, and pretended to be sleeping.
standoff for several minutes, the traffic police to report the situation, very quickly, and then more than more than 10 policemen rushed to the scene to support. "Over more than 20 police surrounded the car, preventing the driver for a chance to escape. "A traffic COP recalled.
second round of fighting:
repeated persuasion failed,
traffic police police helpless trailer turns forward, shouted across the Windows and pan, but pan is not very cooperative. Subsequently, the police found a phone number to call him pan. Through the Windows, police see Pan's mobile phone has opened, but the Pan is not answering.
soon, the police brought in to a trailer, even with my car onto the Maple near the south parking lot. Traffic police busy sweating the whole process, Pan seat is lower and continue to sleep comfortably.
the third round against:
old locksmith took 2 hours to pry open
in Maple-South parking lot, allowing police persuasion, propaganda, Pan still without batting an eye, then simply use your hands to ears.
frustration, police decided to ask a locksmith drove lock. A little after 2 o'clock in the morning, two experienced Locksmiths were called to the scene. But a locksmith opened 2 hours, the door firmly refused to mow. "Jaguar is rare, and this car is imported, lock design are not the same. "The traffic police said.
the fourth round confrontation:
horse persuading parents, stubborn owners finally get off at
see all kinds of methods are not feasible, traffic police, after discussions, decided to request the owner's parents persuaded. About 4:30 A.M.
, Pan Feng South, parents rushed to the parking lot. Pan has been hiding in the car a look his parents in the front, seem surprised, in horror.
old man around a car gave up a son. Pan soon fade away, did not take long to open the door, quietly got out of the car. At this point, the Pan and the police took 3.5 hours.
understand that pan is 30 years old, jiaojiang is the legal representative of the company, whose father is also run enterprise.
car, police immediately conducted a sobriety test pan. Results showed that his blood alcohol content was 25mg/100ml, to drink drunk-driving standard.