Women's boyfriend drunk is bitten by check traffic police and police

Post hearing boyfriend drunk driving met police checking abandoned the vehicle and fled, the results were back, 24 year old girlfriend Xiao Zhao, seeing this, nasty, called friends to "help" on the police and the police scratch and kick or bite.
boyfriend escaped may face criminal penalties, narrative and friend Liu on suspicion of obstructing, Shangcheng District Prosecutor's Office indictment.
narrative from Henan, originally working in Suzhou enterprises, her boyfriend Chen are fellow, Chen in Hangzhou with a friend to run the company. Xiao Zhao and Chen last met and quickly fell in love. Xiao Zhao quit work in Suzhou, 3 to hang before looking for work. On January 10 this year, Xiao Zhao, Chen and Liu have supper with friends, drink a lot of wine, didn't leave until 2 o'clock the next day.
Chen drove a friend to lend his BMW, the narrative under the driver's seat. Ting on West Lake Avenue intersection, police find the bus left right Akira, aware of drivers drunk driving, stopped a BMW.
Chen got out and ran, was recaptured by police. Xiao Zhao see the boyfriend was arrested, drunk driving thought he should be measured, will be sentenced, called Liu for help. Then she get off insulting police, nails scratching the traffic police and the police, kicking and biting.
Police warned her that this was in a violent manner impairing. Xiao Zhao to drink wine, not heard. Liu arrived, punched a traffic policeman. At this point, Chen took the opportunity to escape. Zhihou, police captured Xiao Zhao, Liu.
Chen was caught again, not measured alcohol content, difficult to prove for the offence of dangerous driving, drink driving, but it is evidence, was detained for 10 days.
Xiao Zhao acknowledged that supper drink a bottle of wine and a lot of beer, she drank about four bottles of beer, Chen, Liu and others drank liquor and drinking beer.
law enforcement police and two police, constitutes a slight injury.