Men take cars hiding drunk driving without a license was arrested for 4 months

Use a car's normal between friends, Nanjing people but I did not think, that cars take up to 4 months to get back. His friend pick friends on his way to check, is not only drunk and without a license. Friends of being detained going into hiding, his car has been detained in Police Brigade, friends until he found the camp the day before, cars that were brought back.
Mr Zhang and Wang, friends met at a bar, the two men also talked quite speculative, one night in late November last year, Mr Zhang, Wang and two other friends a hotel gathering in qinhuai. During the meeting, Wang said knew a beautiful friend, hearing these words, everyone said, rather than her come over for dinner. Wang agreed, can connect to users without a car, just open the car, so they lent him. In this way, Wang drove his car to the drum online, other people in the restaurant. Mr Zhang is strange, Wang went back a long time, everybody ate, then quickly call one and cell phone. Telephone that noisy, Wang spoke of speed quickly, meaning wine drive was being detained by the police tomorrow to accept treatment, he would not go back to the hotel for the time being. Originally, Wang opened to Hanzhong Gate North huju road intersection, was identified by five traffic Police Brigade of drink driving, but also be found, his license cancellation as early as 5 years ago, and the driving is driving without a license. As a rule, police temporarily seized vehicles according to law, and Wang to police five brigades to accept treatment as soon as possible.
of course, the only known at the time of the incident, Wang about drunk driving, it is not clear of driving without a license, but Wang who appreciate, driving without a license was to be held, so he decided to hide, not to deal with it. The next day, Mr Zhang came to five brigades, and his appointment of Wang has never appeared, learned only after he asked police, Wang not only drink-driving, but also without a license. After consultation, he was told, he could not recover the vehicle must be Wang received treatment. Next time, Mr Cheung had not contact Wang, asking him, and learns of the King's address. Mr CHEUNG to the Wang residence, rush, in desperation, he can only go to squat down. The day before yesterday, Mr Wang was finally found, but did not dare to disturb him, but making alarm calls, rushed to the police under control, Wang, and referred the case to the police five brigades. Now, after 4 months, to get their car.
this experience remorse, he admitted to police he should ask before you borrow the car King have a driver's license, "and he was drunk, I was really confused! "Traffic Police reminded the majority of owners, by car the first thing to verify if there is no driver's license, there is no drinking, taking into account the possible risks. "In case of accident, drivers unable to compensate, the owner shall bear joint and several liability. ”