Brothers and great-hearted ALE to be checking for drink drivers for others claiming to be "dumb things"

At the table, man Wu can also hold their own at first, do not touch alcohol. However at the last minute, he is out of "loyalty" who had a couple of drinks. Just because a few glasses of wine, Wu Mou was found drunk driving by police after he said he was "stupid".
day 14:50 P.M., fengyang County Highway 101 within 124 kilometers, a "Wan MC3***" cars on suspicion of an offence, was stopped by traffic police on duty. Found the driver smelled alcohol, police immediately for alcohol breath test showed a blood-alcohol content was 78mg/100ml, a drink for drink driving offences.
police investigations showed that the drunk man Wu, Feng Yang Temple people, usually driving goods vehicle transportation. That morning, he and friends drive from fengyang to the truth-do. Lunch, light the hospitality of friends. Because of the fengyang to return in the afternoon, at first, Wu Mou to control himself did not drink alcohol. However, when a table for 6 people when you drink your 5th bottle of white wine, out of "loyalty", he had a couple of drinks for fellow friends.
after it has been checked, Wu regretted to himself would never do such a stupid thing again. Subsequently, fengyang, the traffic Police Department of Wu made a 1000 Yuan fine, driver's license 12 points, suspended driver's license 6 months of severe punishment.