Remote crossing enforcement "section 25" intercede wine drive against the wind

Reporter recently from city police detachment was informed that, Province police police sector recently introduced 2012 province regulation drink driving violations work implementation views, the implementation views amounted to 25 article, requirements levels police sector deepening, and consolidation regulation wine driving violations good of practices experience, increased regulation efforts, to strictly tube control of means severe investigation drink driving violations, severe combat drunk driving crime behavior, prevention and curb wine driving accident occurred, effective protection masses of life property security. How to perform in our city "section 25" implementation, the municipal traffic police official said, the city's actual situation has formulated a programme of work, public security departments will strictly follow requirements, through the Organization of centralized rectification, remote crossing enforcement action against drunk driving crimes.
25 opinion
cracking down on drunk driving crimes
11th: Organization of centralized operations, according to the characteristics and rules of drunk driving offence, closely set up checked posts point advantage police mobilization and technology, the joint police, organizations deal with centralized and unified action at the right time. Corps Organization unified action in the province on a quarterly 1-2, team organizes monthly City (State) unity of action shall not be less than 2 times, brigades tissue concentration of not less than 1 time per week.
12th: the implementation of remote crossing enforcement, traffic police at all levels should be based on the actual work to increase long-distance, cross of police enforcement, 1-2 province-wide annual Corps Team offsite with the cross of police enforcement focus action, team organizes monthly group offsite with cross of police law enforcement concentration not less than 1.
--is an excerpt from the implementation in 2012, rectification of the drink driving offences views
was introduced, which amounts to 25, from enhanced to normal management, strengthening law enforcement training, equipped with sufficient operational law enforcement equipment such as regular work to refine the law enforcement procedures, specific arrangements were made. Enhanced on the execution, implementation requires a strict case of accountability, not filing a case, investigation is not timely, not timely completed or failing to reasonably apply coercive measures led to influence the outcome of the suspects have fled, as well as not timely transfer the public prosecutor's Office or does not serious case was Prosecutor's Office investigation, strict application of the accountability system for casework. File stressed that according to the actual situation, on suspicion of drunken driving suspects according to law a reasonable application issue, bail, surveillance, detention and other coercive measures, ensure a smooth case. The suspect attempts to commit suicide or run away, run, or do not tell his real name and address, unknown, and it proves necessary to a criminal suspect in custody, detention measures taken in accordance with law.
against "intercede wind" law enforcement normal

long distance cross on December 29 last year, concentrated in the City Police Department investigated and dealt with drunken driving action. The drunk driving campaign, first taking remote way from chuan, secure tenure, XI and other County traffic Police Brigade deployed police forces involved in drunk driving crackdown in the city, and effective. "And such a special blitz operations and innovative law enforcement, just cross the beginning of law enforcement in different places in our city, in '25 ' clear text request, remote cross-work of law enforcement will be the norm this year. "City traffic police official said.
City police detachment about head admits, in carried out involved brand involved card, and check wine driving, road traffic illegal concentrated regulation work Shi, most police are inevitably will in law enforcement process in the encountered "intercede wind", to law enforcement police brings has great of pressure, this also directly led to has many traffic violations of occurred, to harmony of traffic environment brings has many effect and trouble, "offsite law enforcement" of carried out can is good to ease local law enforcement of pressure and problem. "25" provides that the province this year will be the Organization of 1-2 province-wide team offsite with the cross of police enforcement focus action, offsite each team organizes monthly group with a cross of police law enforcement concentration not less than 1. According to introduced, in carried out offsite law enforcement action in the, police sector will clear requirements on investigation of various serious traffic violations "0 tolerance", site punishment insisted strictly from heavy from fast principles, found with punishment with, especially serious violations, law detained vehicles driving card, while temporarily buckle driving people of license and on its for traffic security education; on drink driving personnel immediately organization blood test, and site asked, and site approval, ensure drinking, and Drunk illegal entry at the first city-wide management information system for traffic violations, forensics, fast approval, fast implementation, minimizing interference of law enforcement, determined to avoid and resist "Valentine wind."
in the city implemented the principles of "25" in the implementation of programmes, municipal traffic police requirements, the Brigade under the jurisdiction of drink driving violations of rules and characteristics, treatment of not less than 1 times a week drinking and driving campaign; detachment of no less than 2 times per month concentration and control of drinking and driving action. Team organization of 1 times per month the city brigade police cross for offsite law enforcement focus on unified action, renovating power key in the city and the poor districts and counties.
"crossing enforcement actions are being organized in different places in the pipeline in the near future. "In charge of specific aspects of recent enforcement actions in different places did not reveal much.