"Drinking and driving" crash alarm frequency face familiar betrayed

Recently, the driver Guo several times in succession to Dalian Zhongshan district traffic police detachment, traffic accidents, caused Squadron alert police of the accident. Through the survey found Guo "pence" suspects, suspects Kwak with others planned, organized special collision of suspected "drunk driving" vehicles, and extortion, at present, Kwak has been captured the suspect.
reporter understand to, March 22 1:30 A.M. Xu, Zhongshan District Police Brigade received alarm said, in the mountain Lu Xun road Anyang Street occurred with two car collided accident, duty police Lin Zhiwei, and Qiu Xiaolei quickly arrived site, and on site for survey, through asked both driver learned that Guo a forced overtaking, Hou and suddenly brake led two car collision, another party driver from a theaters out, and has drinking suspected, Lin Zhiwei, and Qiu Xiaolei on driver for alcohol test confirmed its does not drinking. But at the same time, the police alerted Guo found some familiar, suddenly reminded of a few days ago had received a warning from Guo, around the time late at night, Kwak got in a car accident the 7000 and 4000 Yuan in compensation.
just one month's time, Guo three similar incidents, the police felt very strange, they analyzed to infer a deliberate accident Guo and others suspected of extortion. In order not to disturb the Kwak, Lin Zhiwei, and Qiu Xiaolei, and just telling both sides the driver went home to wait for notification. Kwak, who left, Lin Zhiwei, and Qiu Xiaolei immediately reported to the Brigade leader, team leader Yu Dejun immediately instructed Vice Captain Liu Bin, accidents, squadron leader Cheng Lei overseeing the case.
months 23rd 8 o'clock in the morning, Zhongshan Police Brigade legal member Lv Hongfeng call notification Guo a to team in processing accident, Lin Zhiwei, and Lv Hongfeng on its for asked, Guo a began does not admitted has deliberately accident, and extortion others of behavior, after Brigade research and Zhongshan district police branch show months police station Interpol Squadron joint survey case, through times asked suspects Guo a and the large forensics, Guo a eventually admitted, himself is a crime groups in the of main planning who, groups members Division clear, They leased vehicles in different places of the squat, several of them to entertainment search target, once a suspected drunk driver, immediately called his associates followed, waiting and driving of vehicles linked to rub, drunk driving punishment can't quiet the most worried about, Guo to coerce, blackmail each other.
23rd at 13 o'clock, some accomplices Feng Mou, Guo Xu Guo on the contact, should take the initiative came to the Brigade asked Guo's treatment, squadron leader Cheng Lei and Lin Zhiwei of the police immediately, Lv Hongfeng controlled the two of them together, and referred them to the Zhongshan station for further investigation. At present, Guo a, Mr Frederick FUNG, and Xu, there are two other suspects has been arrested for extortion, after thorough investigation, Guo and others in downtown Dalian are also used to repeatedly commit crimes, the cumulative amount involved more than more than 30 cases, extortion of nearly 100,000 yuan. At present, the case is still under further investigation and treatment.
in addition, the reporter learned that, after some drivers were extortion and police, victim of Zhongshan police departments hope the police can get in touch with police, provide strong evidence to safeguard their rights and interests, and to crackdown on criminals