Driver common sense
At least three times a week drunk driving crackdown
depending on your deployment, beginning on February 13, Tangxia Police Brigade more heavy-handed efforts to deal with drunk driving violations, will be carried out at least three times a week for drink-driving crackdown, on duty and minimum set-point 3, investigation continue for no less than 3 hours at a time. Tangxia Town
traffic Police Brigade Captain Yuan Songbiao said treatment of drunk driving and the preventive actions will continue until the end of serious traffic accidents, action will focus on combating serious danger to traffic safety act of drink driving, authorities hope that through this campaign, further purification area traffic order, Tangxia Town to create a safe, open environment.
"Yue, 12" 14 vehicles seized suspicious
it is understood that the night of February 16, Tangxia Public Security Bureau carried out a massive "Yue, 12" second centralized operation, check cars on the main road, Tangxia Town set up checked posts, inventory security complex in the whole town area. According to statistics, the operations resulted in the police of more than 500 people, seizing various types of suspicious 14 cars, motorcycle 9.
this action, town Committee, Public Security Bureau Director Li Jiexiong visit frontline command. At about 8 o'clock that night, journalists from Tangxia Town came to tour the Park in front of the action team set up checked posts search vehicle, the reporter saw police carry out spot checks on the cars. Subsequently, the reporter follow Tangxia garden village, Tangxia Town police station action group arrived at the rental house, Tangxia station charge, since there are more rental near St, Tangxia, migrants are also more prone to instability, the security environment is complex, for which organization police inventory each week rental, troubleshoot unstable factors.