Driver common sense
Find drunk driving after police checked, peer under the alcohol driver actually drove back to intercede for his friends and jam. On February 23, the Plains police brigade police investigate such a driver.
atrocious February 23 ahead of the second, some married couples choose this day. A village in Pingyuan County, Sun at noon on this day were invited to a hotel in the town to attend friend's wedding. After a few push Cup to change, Sun and drink enough. Until the Sun driving motorcycles and are now drunk driving van Cho has been out of the hotel. Out of a few kilometers, Sun discovered that Zhao did not keep up, he drove back looking for it see Zhao have been police checked. In the alcohol-fuelled, he did not run away, but come forward to plead for his friends, lied about traffic police has friends on the team, take care of Zhao.
police not fooled by his words, but by a breath-alcohol detector to detect it, results show that Sun's blood alcohol content was as high as 75.6mg/100ml, and drunk driving (80mg/100ml) standard less than 5 mg, but also driving without a license. Police law according to the program, Sun's three-wheeled motorcycle and upon blowing testing blood alcohol content is Zhao 36.2mg/100ml up drunk driving standard driver's license suspension, told the two men to the plain traffic violation processing Office.
the next morning, Zhao, Sohn plain traffic violation Office accepted a fine of 1000 Yuan and other corresponding penalties.