Driver common sense
The night before 9 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the morning, in Shenzhen and a massive "Tiger hunting 160" and serious traffic violations special rectification action, police of more than 700 people, look up train set up 60. As at the end, a total of 19 to investigate drunk-driver, 38 cases of drink driving, driving license in question 9, do not cooperate with law enforcement 1. Among them, a driver with the liquor police to test for drunk driving, ran away from his wife.
around 10:30 the night before, traffic policemen are Huang Bei road section along the River at Lo Wu check point check passing vehicles, a red Buick, because retrograde Huang Bei road near a bus stop, when the traffic police to deal with Buick driver Qu Mouzhong reflects his not carrying a driver's license and call the owner is Qu Mouzhong wife Pang brought his driver's license. In the process of talking, police found Qu Mouzhong body with alcohol, made you want to test for drunk driving, Qu Mouzhong guilty to let his wife under a Pang to deal with violations, but he snuck out. Civilian police a call by Pang
Qu Mouzhong urged them to come back for the test, Qu Mouzhong loan company came back in a hurry of the inconvenience to evade, waited nearly 1 hour later, Pang returned to the disposal group, civilian police, and Qu Mouzhong of obstructing punishment of sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention.