Driver common sense
Drink driving electric tricycle, hit pedestrian causing his death. Reporter learned this morning, drunk drivers by procuratorial organs in traffic accident crimes indictment to court, East side Court registered the case.
September 12, 2011 14:30, Zhang Changqing road, Dongcheng District in this city Northwest of Longtan Lake Park in front, driving electric bicycles from the South to the North will be yin, a hit, its traumatic brain injury caused by death.
after the examination, the alcohol content, which belongs to the drunk driving. Dongcheng transportation detachment,
by the municipal public security traffic management Bureau concluded that a bear full responsibility for this accident. After Zhang gave himself up to the police.
the prosecution believes that a violation of traffic regulations, major traffic accidents causing death, criminal responsibility should be investigated for the crime of causing traffic casualties. Judge
non-motor vehicle violations caused major accidents in criminal
in recent years, showed an upward trend of traffic accidents caused by electric cars. But according to state regulations, electric vehicles do not belong to the category of motor vehicle, according to traffic accident crimes to deal with it?
the judge explained that traffic safety law and is not a subject of crime of causing traffic casualties only limited to motor vehicles. If a motor vehicle in violation of traffic laws lead to a major accident, but also to criminal responsibility. Even pedestrians, violation of traffic laws, resulting in major traffic accidents, also face the same problem. Back in 2005, this city has ever seen bicycle traffic accidents, causing death, the owners were sentenced on charges of traffic accident cases.