Driver common sense
Cousin in Germany for many years, I came back to visit relatives shortly before, his play about a group of people to the countryside on weekends, said to ride a bicycle, swim to a low carbon.
at the appointed time, we assembled, convoy of more than 10 people, mighty started. Every corner, riding in front of his cousin, always pay attention to the traffic lights. When tired, noon meal, we ordered some beer. Unexpectedly, the cousins have steadfastly refused, said not to be "drunk driving". Some people laughed, said: "we don't have a car, what kind of drunk driving? "Cousin, somewhat embarrassed, and smiled:" in Germany, bicycles do not allow ' drunk driving ', I'm used to it......, "
, Germany and China, still a bike power, now has 70 million vehicles, manpower. Because of the large bike team, for ease of administration, Germany specially developed bicycle traffic rules, and cars to enforce traffic rules as stringent, and bicycle violations are rare.
in Germany, no matter what city you go, walking on the street, you can see the bike is mounted on each side of the road, road surface special bright color, turquoise, black, ochre, differs significantly from other lanes. In Germany, wants to ride a bike on the road, not a casual thing, at least after two days of training and examination, qualified person in order to get a driver's license on the road bike. The content of the training, including knowledge of traffic laws, refused to work well to learn, you can't get away.
finally got a driver's license, when riding on the road, and always pay attention to. Like riding a cell phone, a fine of 25 euros, without headlights, fined € 10, and so on. If the owners dare to run a red light, to be punished with heavy fines of 100 to 180 euros. As for drunk biking, its penalties greater, not only the fine points, and could squat 1-5 years in prison. If repeated fouls would even be banned from riding a bicycle.
sounds like Germany do not allow bikes "drink driving", and so many rules, it seems some fuss, even too harsh. Think Chinese proverb, no rules, and it is because of these regulations, Germany's traffic can be so orderly, which also is worth to follow and learn.