Driver common sense
A few days ago, prosecutors focus prosecution, Minhang district, a number of cases of dangerous driving. In the prosecution's case, the accused were "$literal", the youngest is 23 years old, incidence and early this morning, two hours after the time for dinner, because the vehicles after the collision and was arrested for measuring blood alcohol content.
on August 3 last year at about 11 o'clock in the evening, Zhou drove a small ordinary buses to spring road is a community in front of the night-shift supper, drinking four bottles of beer. 4th at 30 minutes, Zhou Lianhua South Road from South to North to near Chengjiang road, seen from South to North of the signal was red, then turn right to the Chengjiang fauna from South to East Road, Lian hua road, Chengjiang road on the turn and then continue to operate. But Zhou did not expect, in the process of turning, driving too fast, lost control and hit the non-motorway and next to the edge of the green belt, and damaged street lamps, to rollover to the left side of the car, put yourself in the driver's seat, unable to move. Weeks after a broken windshield, dragged his wounded body to crawl out. Soon, Zhou was rushed to the police back to the police station, the alcohol test to determine blood alcohol content for 0.90mg/ml, to drinking and driving into the criminal standard, after examination and prosecution of Minhang district, transferred to public prosecutor's Office on charges of dangerous driving.
it is reported that, as of now, the hospital handled 15 cases and 15 transfer to prosecute dangerous driving, mostly for drunk driving.