Driver common sense
Yesterday afternoon, Ziyun road, Hefei and road junction in Tibet, an Elantra sedan collided with a Buick. After the accident, the Elantra's driver punished because of concerns about drinking and driving without a license and would like to sell my friends "package" approach, but cannot escape the police Hogan.
day 2:50 P.M., Lakeshore Squadron received instructions: "Ziyun road and the road junction in Tibet, two cars collide, no casualties. "Police rushed to the scene of the accident, found that both parties are negotiating. Police they were questioned, found the Elantra's "pilot" in reply to routes, vague. Keen police felt something, so Buick drivers back to really confirm that. At this point, the head pointing to the crowd a man wearing a leather jacket, said he was also in the Elantra cars. Police immediately to the male control, and to him for questioning. Ultimate man admits that he is the party, because beforehand drank wine and had no driver's license, so let friends help with the car "pervert".