Driver common sense
Driving caused one death and one injury, make friend Patsy, is suspended for the period of Huashan district, maanshan, Lee has been prosecuting attorney.
the end of last year, Lee and several friends, wine table will inevitably push Cup to change, after the party, we discussed the mahjong playing mahjong. Lee showing off in front of friends as we have bought a new car and volunteered to carry you forward. A friend advised that: "now look up very strict drunk driving, or we take a taxi to go. "Lee for fear of showing off, and immediately rebuffed:" pouring with rain outside, where the weather will have traffic on the road, Okay okay, I'm on it. "Then four of us aboard Lee's new car on the road.
Li to show his driving skills, he can push the car in the street, the moment will hit a pedestrian crossing, he thought he was still in the probation period, and hit someone, quickly driving the escape. Hurriedly, he also hit a woman crossing. At this point, Lee is still failing to stop, drove and ran. However, if they hit the two, Lee has a guilty conscience, please friend Wang to replace casualties. Cruised to the police, friends, Wang learned that night knocked down the first person was seriously injured, the woman was certified dead, died after being taken to hospital. One death and one injury serious results as a friend can't help but frightened, Lee, after hearing the man loyalty cannot let friends take on such responsibilities. The next day, accompanied by Lee in the family came to the police to surrender.