Driver common sense
Man Wu DUI, police checked car escape by force, will be police gangster poured wine after the push play. Before Wu was arrested for obstruction of official was detained by the shunyi police station.
March 4, shunyi District Public Security Bureau traffic police Wu Dayong city Squadron detachment duty at the shunyi Cathay corner found crossing a Hebei license plate hanging black Jetta parked illegally, tried to correct.
in the course of law enforcement, Wu Dayong found drivers with a strong liquor, then asked the driver to produce documents for inspection. However, the driver refused to accept police checks in accordance with law, and start the car forced escape, law enforcement's while standing next to the car Wu Dayong scrape down.
Wu Dayong and endure the pain from the ground up, immediately reporting to the detachment command center and drive quickly followed. Pensions job, shunyi district when a police car driving to the bus stop nearby, Wu Dayong and his colleagues of the vehicle the bumper in the shunping road side.
drunk driver Wu got off, relying on wine for civilian police Wu Dayong pushing play, very aggressive attitude. But Wu Dayong let its abuse, still clinging to its body. Eventually, the drunken driving suspects are police uniforms.
the police verification in accordance with law, drunk driving suspect Wu blood-alcohol content of 89 mg/100 ml.
at present, Wu was arrested for dangerous driving and obstruction of official duties had been detained the shunyi police station.